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Cover of The Funny FarmCover of The Funny Farm

The Funny Farm

The Funny Farm was published in hardback in 2002 by Cumbria Life magazine.  It rapidly sold an incredible 6000 copies.  Transworld acquired the rights and published in Bantam paperback in 2004; Funny Farm was serialised in the Daily Mail, featured on numerous television and radio programmes, published in large print and as a talking book.   Little imagination was needed as it is all – or mostly all – true.  Think of it as a How Not To book, with laughs… Tess, Cover Dog, enjoyed celebrity status and was often pursued by paparazzi.  Her owner held the lead in silence, aware that she was in the presence of greatness. Sadly we lost Tess earlier this year, one day short of her 14th birthday. Right up until the end, she was a great character with huge presence and gave every impression of knowing that she was a real little star. I miss her still. 



Cover of SheepwreckedCover of SheepwreckedSheepwrecked

Sheepwrecked, published by Bantam Press, is now available in hardback and paperback from all good bookstores and on-line from Amazon.  A follow-up to The Funny Farm, a sequel, a journey, a diary – it’s all of those and takes us through a typical farming and countryside year, with the usual mix of ramblings, reflections and the odd rant (usually involving random permutations of bureaucracy, the EEC and DEFRA) and naturally, there’s an occasional pause for a look over our shoulders at how things used to be, when a mouse (and several generations of its extended family) lived at 6, Glebe Road instead of being something with which to control a computer, and policemen didn’t look about 12 years old. 



Cumbria Life

I have contributed to Cumbria Life for 23 years now, and do bits and pieces for other publications on a freelance basis.  I am also Writer in Residence for the Settle to Carlisle railway, though I am not a train anorak so I have to watch what I say... I get trains muddled up with locomotives, and stuff like that.  But I mean well...

I also have a couple of novels in progress (you can tell the whole truth in fiction...)

I have a rather lazy presence on Twitter but mostly, I keep quite a low profile on social media.

If you would like to know more about the books my contact details are below or you can send me an email.